Help and support for the community

We have an ambitious plan as we begin a new journey of working creatively to provide help, support and opportunity to meet people’s needs, wishes and aspirations.

The new project at Woodhall aims to develop opportunities and services for a wide range of community groups, through work-based or therapeutic activities and by delivering personalised support.

A selection of activities that take place at the centre:

Training, Learning and Support

At Woodhall Opportunities Project we’ll continue with our programme developed at Digswell to allow people to flourish and connect with groups and others in their community.

The programme has been specifically designed to promote confidence, independence, and aspirations for those most vulnerable in our community by providing training, learning and support across a range of community and social enterprise activities.

Our pathway of learning ensures the needs of each individual are catered for and allows them to develop their own skills, at their own pace, and achieve a recognised qualification.