A learning and well-being environment for people over 16 with additional needs

We work creatively to provide help, support and opportunities to meet people’s needs, wishes and aspirations through work-based and therapeutic activities and by delivering personalised support.

Each person who accesses the service is supported and encouraged to develop skills, with sessions being outcome-focussed and regular reviews taking place to ensure continuous development and quality of service.

We co-produce pathways to success with the people who access our service ensuring that person-centred outcomes are achieved.

Sessions cover the following areas:

Co-production is at the heart of our service and gives an organic growth to what we can deliver.

A selection of activities that take place at the centre:

Training, Learning and Support

The programme has been specifically designed to promote confidence, independence, and aspirations for those most vulnerable in our community by providing training, learning and support across a range of community and social enterprise activities.

Our pathway of learning ensures the needs of each individual are catered for and allows them to develop their own skills, at their own pace, and achieve a recognised qualification.

We track individual development goals for attendees as well as having sessional goals and methods to assess these.

At Woodhall we believe that only through continuous evaluation and consultation with our stakeholders we can achieve excellence in our service. We prioritise implementing and reflecting on feedback to improve.

Our attendees feedback into the service and help to shape what we deliver so we are always at the forefront of their needs. Our co-production and organic growth is what sets us apart.

Our amazing staff team is supplemented by volunteers from the local community bringing talent and life skills into the service.


Finding the right support doesn’t have to be complicated. At SJOG we can offer advice about accessing the service.

We will ensure a robust assessment is undertaken prior to agreeing a placement and will develop a person-led plan to enable you to maximise the benefits from the services.

Referrals can be made: